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Abstracted Impressions (1998-2023)

The Three Laces No.18 300 10x10.jpg
Series - The Three Laces, 2019-2023
Rust, Caroline_Three Laces; The Sound of Indigo 2_acrylic, acrylic resin on garments mount
Series - The Sound Of Indigo, 2020
Energy Within_Camille 4web.jpg
series - Energy Within, 2008-2009
purple pouch003 4web.jpg
Purple Pouches, 2005
20210906_143121 300ppi 8x10.jpg
Night Rushes In, 2021
camille dip.JPG
To The Beat of My Heart I Will Listen, 2011
Secrets Stolen_003 4web.jpg
Secrets Stolen, 2006
Wounds That Never Bleed, 1999
20210724_180340 edited 300 8x10.jpg
Echoing Threads, 2021
artemisia fire 4web.jpg
Fire In The Night, 2010
totem002 (2).jpg
Woman's Totem for Emily Carr, 2006
Memories of Ivanhoe 4.jpg
Memories Of Ivanhoe, 1998
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