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The Sound of Indigo (2020)

In her work, artist Caroline Rust experiments with iterations of garments and painting; using textiles metaphorically to contemplate the human condition and explore identity. To elicit this, she deconstruct clothing then gift it new life when she transform it to become low-relief grounds for paint applications. The textiles spark unrelenting inspiration for Rust. The process presents a symbolic notion that authenticity can be revealed through acts of transformation. This pieces uses vintage indigo colored lace left to Rust by her grandmother and undergarments. Textures and subtle color seen in the surface provide a seductive experience for the artist, to paint upon. This piece also is inspired by the “Three Graces”, mythological daughters of Zeus, also provide inspiration. Historically, they denote a personification of charm, loveliness, creativity in works of art. “Three Laces” reinterprets this symbolism in an authentic, modern way – something wounded reinvented – enabling a broader awareness of the feminine experience. 

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