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Videos & Presentations

Interdisciplinary Conference - Movement in a Dynamic World, 2023

"Our Bodies' Movement in Poetry and Painting", performance by Mary E. Martin & Caroline Rust (1 part of a 5 part series of performances by artists about Human Condition & Home) 



Performers Warming up

In the Studio with Caroline Rust, 2020


Deconstruction Process

Question & Answer Session

Literary Inspiration videos, 2020

Excerpts from "The Waves" by Virginia Woolf  paired with paintings in the series Approaching the Dressing Table


To read the descriptor for the series and more about Woolf's influence, click here.  

Self Portrait in The Artist's Yellow Dressing Table

paired with "She Lifted the Embossed Silver Brush..."

 1. The Artist's Yellow Dressing Table, 2016

paired with "Jinny Has Taken Out Her Looking Glass..."

2. I Was Looking for the Gold Earrings, 2016

paired with "That is My Face..."

3. The Living Room, 2016

paired with "Like a Ribbon of Weed..."

4. Releasing the Yellow Scarf of Fear, 2017

paired with "I Have Sat Before the Looking Glass..."

5. Straps, 2016

paired with "The Rising Sun..."

The Waistline Horizon Lines Series, 2020

To see the series , click here.  

Reflecting Her Story Exhibit videos, 2019

by Gerry King

Beneath The Surface; The Work of Artist Caroline Rust, 2015

by Ben Premeaux

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