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Voices That Skip Towards Night (2020-2021)

For artist Caroline Rust, the isolation generated from the 2020-21 Coronavirus occurrence moves her to ponder the concept of human connection. “For me, this is a time of reflection upon our relationships, unions with others, and memories. ” To that end, Rust has been developing “Voices That Skip Towards Night”; a series of art works with an “otherworldly” appearance. With the aim of instilling a sense of security, comfort, and an enveloping warmth, the focus of the series is built upon her fantasy that the spirits of loved ones surround us and visit us at night. 

Once more works employ garments Rust has attentively extracted from her wardrobe and mounted to boards to act as low-relief grounds for the application of oil paint. Initially the series began with personal introspection regarding the artist’s sibling connection with her late brother and remembrances of their way of communicating. Propelled, the series has evolved to include a universal perspective regarding connections between people and the ways in which we communicate with those closest to us. Reminiscent of the places we roam within our memories, stars and vast night skies reveal landscapes.


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