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United Utensils (2013)

This piece is a collection of tools assembling femininity and masculinity, displaying some of the utensils we use, practices we follow, and perhaps thoughts that cross our minds regarding our image. By focusing upon what it means to be female, compiling feminine attributes and practices to a list, the flipside tiptoes across my mind – the masculine. Women versus men, indeed the genders are different. During most days many people may not even think about gender or its impact to society. Gender barriers are blurring. A few slants contemplated are softness versus hardness, vulnerability versus strength. It is true; at times females compete with males. But do women want to be men? At times looking like a man, acting like a man, even having a man’s name gave significance to a woman, aiding her plight. (George Sands, Elizabeth Tudor, the Brontë Sisters). It is my hope that women strive to retain their feminine attributes and not abandon them while on the move.

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