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Standing in the Silent Pool  (2014)

Artist Caroline Rust created this piece the year her brother was slowly loosing his battle with cancer. 


The Silent Pool is a natural spring pool in the county Kent in England.  There is a legend about a young woman who drowned there as a man sought her attention and purhaps more. It is a beautiful place, so peaceful with aqua tinted water so clear, yet an eerie feeling lingers in the air. An entire life could take place there, from beginning to end.


Many people may have memories of their mother’s or grandmother’s wondrous dressing tables filled with mysterious objects for adornment, bottles of scent, and magical cosmetic potions. An entire life could also take place there, from beginning to end.


In this sculpture, crumbled a nineteenth century lace cape prevents a life (also femininity), represented by the frame, from slipping, sinking away. At times, we work with all our might to retain life using every tool and skill we have.

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