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Shocking Pink's Vibrations (2021)

Using hurt for inspiration, this diptych makes a correlation between an aspect of Punk fashion design and the human need for balancing strength with vulnerability. Just as the jacket’s lining has been violated, most of us have at some time been wounded and endeavored to see some positive in it. Punk fashion wearers often ripped, tore, damaged clothing in acts of rebellion to liberate. Then the destruction, chaos would get replaced with a new sense of order by the wearer pinning the garments. The small rose represents the beauty to be found in life. 

Why Shocking Pink? Rust also finds inspiration in the life, progressive creativity, and work of Elsa Schiaparelli. As a ‘master of the modern’, with a feminist slant, she injected the color ‘shocking pink’ into fashion in the 1930s – challenging the restrained, preconceived pallets of the day.

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