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Seven Stages of Woman (2011) 

Influenced by fashion, the paths of women, and Shakespeare, Caroline Rust says that this installation’s primary goal is to emphasize the journeys of females through the usage of symbols and paint application. Fashion has always been a passion of her's and it is her opinion that design begins in the morning when the closet door swings open. Rust employs fashion as a means of self-expression and self-branding and a brilliant pair of shoes in one’s wardrobe can be a vital instrument. Interestingly, pink has never been a color she has favored. 
After interviewing many women in her life, Rust set forth employing the shoe as a vessel filling their concealed pockets with objects exploring themes present during 7 stages of the female life cycle: The BABY is all things new, fun; the YOUTH is about learning, games, toys; the TEEN is about secrets, new feelings of love, lust, danger; the YOUNG ADULT is traveling the map of life, on the journey,  figuring it out; the ADULT is doing it, dealing with it, living with it, all of it - work, spouse hood, parenthood, packed full; the MID-LIFE/LATER-LIFE ADULT is going through changes in the body and hormones, static feelings, affairs; and the ELDER is put away, reflective. 

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