Last Seen Wearing (2020)

Strength; Johanna van Gogh-Bonger, 2020, 18"x24", oil on garments upon board

Daringness; Mary Quant, 2020, 18"x24", oil on garments upon board

Practicality; Edith Wharton, 2020, 18"x24", oil on garments upon board

Intelligence; Hypatia, 2020, 18"x24", oil on garments upon board

Sexiness; Anne Boutiaut Poulard 2020, 18"x24", oil on garments upon board


Series Descriptor: Last Seen Wearing

How does artist Caroline Rust choose to express traits of the modern woman, by drawing attention to history and clothing. In this series, discrete, poetic narratives of historical females are told through specific garments chosen by Rust to mount onto board and to apply paint. Aiming to commemorate their paths, each work of art abstractly represents a characteristic embodied by a different female in the select group. Not only that, each garment embodies its own symbolism and story, contained beneath the painted surface. In these works, Rust explores how clothing choices portray facets of one’s personality, and the personal way one divulges aspects of oneself expressively through attire.


Strength; Johanna van Gogh-Bonger, (1862-1925, Dutch editor and translator of the letters of the brothers van, recognizing the future curatorial need, she kept Vincent’s works intact as a complete body of work.) 


Daringness; Mary Quant, (1934-   , Immortalized by fashion iconography as the originator of the miniskirt.)


Practicality; Edith Wharton, (1862-1937, American novelist, short story writer, playwright, and designer.)


Intelligence; Hypatia, (355-415, Alexandrian and in her time, the world’s leading mathematician, astronomer, philosopher, allowed not to marry and to teach along the side of men, by her father.) 


Sexiness; Anne Boutiaut "La Mère Poulard" (1851-1931, French cook on Mont-Saint-Michel,

renowned for her warmth, an inn, and omelette specialty.)